What Type of Car Insurance Should I Have?

One of the questions that’s often asked of me as a lawyer whether it’s friends or clients is what kind of insurance should I have for my car.

And often times clients come in and say “don’t worry I have full coverage” and when they say that I always get concerned because full coverage usually applies to the vehicle itself.

The vehicle is covered, it has full coverage if the car is in a crash the car is going to be fixed. What about the people in the car? What about you? What about your family and friends who are in the car?

Full coverage doesn’t mean that, when you go to your insurance agent ask a lot of specific questions make sure you have adequate bodily injury liability which means if you injure another person whether they’re in your car or a pedestrian or in another vehicle that’s the amount of insurance that will cover you for injury to that person or persons.

So bodily injury you should buy the most limits that you can afford whether it’s twenty five thousand, fifty thousand, a hundred thousand, five hundred thousand and so on.

Buy the most that you can afford it protects you for injuring another person from your negligence.

There’s another very important part of insurance which people often don’t buy and it’s a big mistake not to do so and that is uninsured motorist, UM uninsured motorist. In Florida a driver is not required to have bodily injury so if another driver injures you or someone in your car they’re not required to have bodily injury coverage.

So what happens, when they’re at fault and you’re injured or people in your car are injured you can buy an insurance which is called uninsured motorist which insures the folks in your car or yourself against the negligence of other drivers.

Uninsured motorists you should buy in the same limits as bodily injury which is say twenty five thousand, fifty thousand, a hundred thousand and so on and so forth. Always ask your insurance agent about bodily injury limits and uninsured motorists.

Oftentimes insurance can cost a thousand, twelve hundred, fifty hundred dollars a year and you can buy one policy for that amount that has very poor coverage and you can buy another policy for that amount that has very good coverage.

So it’s not the amount that you pay but the specific coverage that you get.

A lot of people are going to an insurance agency and the paying for a steak and they’re getting a hamburger.

So ask a lot of questions, get a good insurance company and if you’re not satisfied go to another agent.

—- Probinsky, Chavez & Cole
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