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My name is Zachary Cole. I am an attorney with Probinsky, Chavez, and Cole and serve the state of Florida and I want to talk to you very briefly about how we at Probinsky, Chavez, and Cole take the counselor part of being an attorney very seriously.

So, counselor used to be a term that would be almost synonymous with an attorney, but it’s not an attorney here so much anymore. Its attorney you have a lot here at Probinsky, Chavez, and Cole and it’s something that, kind of guides the way we practice.

We’re extremely available by phone. Our office is open through business hours, and we are usually in the office if we’re not in court, and we are easy to get in touch with. We respond, to emails almost immediately if you need anything from us.

One other way we are able to counsel our clients is we have very good relationships with a lot of the local doctors, and we know where we can send our patients for exceptional care and a specific type of specialty that they are looking for.

One of the things that help me specifically counsels our clients here at Probinsky, Chavez, and Cole is I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, a few years ago.

Unfortunately, with that accident I had to have a spinal fusion, go through the recovery of that, but going through that process has really helped me in the long run with understanding what our clients are going through.

Not only that but letting them know what they can expect in recovering from their own injuries.

And understanding these types of injuries so intimately really helps me to communicate to an insurance company or an adjuster on exactly how big of an effect going through something like this has had on your life and will continue to have in the future which can really add value to a claim.

So, if you have been involved in an accident and need some guidance through the process, if you need an advocate, if you need a counselor, feel free to contact us here at Probinsky, Chavez, and Cole.

—- Probinsky, Chavez & Cole
Probinsky, Chavez & Cole has been recognized for outstanding service to Florida residents. The families we have helped come from all walks of life. They are people who work in service industries, construction, manufacturing, agricultural or commercial sectors.

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Throughout my career, I have taken over 30 cases to jury trial and negotiated exceptional outcomes to countless others. I focus my practice areas on personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and criminal defense.
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