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As the daughter of Colombian Immigrants, I was raised with strong cultural values. Due to these values, I was naturally drawn to working in the area of Immigration. Whether it is a family based or employment based case, I fully devote my time and effort into assisting clients. Immigration laws are complicated and I am grateful to have the ability to help find relief for those in need. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising, cooking, and spending time with my family.

Conoce a la abogada Aggie Chavez

Mi nombre es Aggie Chávez, soy colombiana americana. Yo he practicado migración ya varios años y estoy contenta de poder ayudar a la comunidad. Es un honor para poder hacerlo y ayudar a todas las personas que necesitan ayuda en estos tiempos tan difíciles.

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Family Petitions – Immigration Law

Family petitions are what establishes the relationship and basis for future residency of another family member. If you are a US citizen, you can petition for spouses, minor children (which are under 21), married or unmarried adult children, parents, and siblings.

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Noticias de DACA a. ¿Qué ha sucedido con DACA? b. En septiembre de 2018 el presidente Trump anuncio que el programa de DACA ya no estaría disponible para aquellas personas que no aplicaron, pero quienes ya tenían DACA tendrían la oportunidad de poder renovar durante un mes, siempre y cuando su DACA expiraba antes del 5 de [...]

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Car Accident? Do These 5 Things First

Immediately following an accident, the shock, possible pain, and heightened emotions of those involved can conspire to overwhelm even the best of us. But familiarizing yourself with a simple plan of action now can help to save you unnecessary trouble in the moment.

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