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Most Recent Community Projects




  • Academic scholarships each year for students in the developing world.
  • Developed Study and Research Center for students in the developing world.
  • Established a health clinic in the developing world.
  • Donations to American Red Cross for overseas disaster relief.
  • Disaster relief for flood victims of Tabasco, Mexico.
  • Hurricane relief for disaster victims of Lee County, Florida.
  • Tornado relief for disaster victims of Lake County, Florida.
  • Reefkeeper Florida Coral Reef Protection Pro Bono Legal Services.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters, Miami-Dade County, Florida.
  • Miami Dade County Historic Preservation Board past member.
  • Bar Ilan University Pro Bono Legal Services.
  • Toras Emes Academy Pro Bono Legal Services.
  • Redland Conservancy Farmland Preservation Organization Past President.
  • Southeast Florida Holocaust Documentation, Edu. Center Past Board Member.

Any inquiries about our community, educational, cultural or disaster relief projects can be directed to us by e-mail.

We welcome your questions or comments and would like to know more about you or your agency’s community projects, and we would like to write about them in an upcoming newsletter.

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