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While most medical providers give excellent care that help their patients heal from an illness or disease, some doctors, hospitals and clinics do not hold themselves to the required high standard of medical care.

When these medical professionals fall below this standard of care, they may be guilty of medical malpractice.

A patient and his or her family have rights in Florida (and most other states) to be justly compensated for their damages including disability, pain and suffering, loss of income and past and future medical expenses.

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By The Numbers

Medical malpractice in some form has become the third highest cause of death in the United States, accounting for over 225,000 deaths yearly. It has been estimated that approximately:

  • 12,000 people die from unnecessary surgery
  • 7,000 die from medication errors
  • 20,000 people die from a variety of errors in hospitals
  • 80,000 people die from infections acquired in hospitals
  • 106,000 deaths occur every year due to adverse effects of medications

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

To become a doctor it takes years of studying, research and work experience. Furthermore, doctors are expected to continue their education so that they can stay up to date with the innovations in the field of medical science. Medical professionals are there to work with their patients and use their skills and the best of their abilities during any treatment.

Therefore, when doctors or any other medical professional is negligent in the treatment of their patient, it can have severe consequences. It can result in permanent injuries, death, and even psychological trauma.

Medical malpractice can take place in several ways. Any practice by a medical professional that is not the standard by the medical field is known as medical malpractice or negligence. Therefore, you should consult a Sarasota medical malpractice lawyer right away if you are a victim of negligence.

Types of Medical Malpractice

The Sarasota law offices of Probinsky & Associates has been helping victims of medical malpractice obtain justice for decades. There are many elements of medical malpractice, including:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosismalpractice attorney Sarasota
  • Failure to provide necessary test and treatment
  • Medication errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Surgery errors
  • Failure to inform you of benefits and risks
  • Childbirth injuries
  • Nursing negligence
  • Inadequate staffing, training, or supervision of staff
  • Intentional neglect

When you retain our counsel, we treat your case with care and compassion. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your case and review all the possible risks and rewards. You can trust that we have the skills and resources to help you establish your claim.

Our Florida medical malpractice attorneys are committed to providing you with honest counsel and aggressive representation to recover the damages you are owed.

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