Negligent Security

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Everyone likes to feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, individuals sometimes have a false sense of security, and when they are supposed to be safe, they might not be. This is known as negligent security and this can result in harm and injury to someone.

Florida law requires a property owner and management company to protect persons legally on the property from the criminal acts of others. In today’s society where levels of crime have substantially increased, the law recognizes that keeping a property safe for occupants, visitors and shoppers, will also include a duty to take reasonable measures to protect against criminal acts.

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We conduct crime surveys showing the history of crime in the area and the type of security that should be provided on the property that is commensurate with that level of crime. Most commercial insurance policies will provide coverage to property owner for negligent security claims.

Your choice of attorney to represent your interests during a negligent security case could mean the difference between successful negotiations or expensive, ongoing litigation. Please contact our firm today to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney who can provide a clear explanation of your legal rights and options.

If you were injured in an attack or assault by a third party on someone else’s land or premises, you should consult an experienced negligent security attorney at Probinsky & Associates.



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