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Virtually all products are subject to product liability law including food, drugs, appliances, cars, tools, machinery, toys, medical devices, medical implants and many others. Manufacturers have an obligation to design and manufacture safe products for their consumers to use.

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They also have a duty to alert consumers of any potential problems related to their product such as product defects and product recalls.

At Probinsky, Chavez & Cole, we have the experience necessary to help victims injured by the use of a dangerous or defective product. We believe that a person injured by a dangerous or defective product has the absolute right to compensation, in an amount sufficient to make that person whole again.

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We all count on the safety devices of our vehicles to protect us if we get into an accident. But when an airbag fails to deploy or a seat belt latch breaks, a minor collision can become a catastrophic event resulting in serious injury or death.

Automobiles, SUV’s and pickup trucks must be designated with crashworthy features and be resistant to dangerous rollovers. Our firm has represented many clients and their families in product liability claims including those against major auto manufacturers for vehicle rollovers and crashes.

Under the concept of “strict liability,” a lawsuit can be filed without the need to prove an auto manufacturer’s negligence or fault if an injury results from a defective automobile.

This means that if you are injured in a car collision caused by your own driving mistake, you may be eligible for compensation if your injuries were caused by an auto part that was defective, unreasonably dangerous, or lacked proper warnings.

Our familiarity with state and federal law relating to product liability can help you recover damages under a theory of negligence, warranty, or even sometimes fraud.

We represent clients in products cases involving home components and systems, household appliances, prescription drugs and medical equipment, sporting goods, power tools, and automotive safety equipment such as airbags, seat belts, child seats, and even defective building materials.

For prompt and responsive representation in a personal injury case involving defective consumer products or malfunctioning auto components, contact a knowledgeable products liability attorneys at Probinsky, Chavez & Cole today.




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